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bout muah
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MaeYan aka Yan.
November is where you're suppose to give me presents.
A Sunway student,proud of it.
Graduated from CAT,ACCA here I come.
Wanna know more bout me? ask me =D
I love,
all my beloved munkey friends.
I hate,
backstabbers,liars,empty promises.
I'm scared,
of lizards and more lizards.
I am,
who I am (;

Calendar Year 2010

4th Jan-Classes commence
8th Jan-Agnes Huay's B'day
12th Jan-ChernYi's B'day
14th Jan-JinLe & Phillip's B'day
16th Jan-MikeCampton's B'day
18th Jan-YihFei's B'day
23rd Jan-YewEng's B'day
27th Jan-Jessica's B'day
29th Jan-HanKing's B'day
29-2nd Feb-In Bangkok
30-31st Jan-10th Annual Bangkok Hat

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Short msg:

Been awhile since I last blogged.
So many things have changed during this period. For the better? I certainly believe so.

I've been waiting the entire year for BKK Hat 2011 registration to open. When it does, I immediately registered and got a place. But now, due to certain circumstances, I might just have to forego it.

I will regret when BKK Hat 2011 approaches. But I believe it will be a wise decision. Yes I believe.

♥9:13 PM

Monday, October 11, 2010

Short msg:

Yesterday while talking to you bout the past, the wound I once thought was fully healed cracked open ever so little. Even so, it was good enough an answer.

I never actually really gotten over it. All I did was close up the,push it away and ignores it. Never really realizing that it would haunt me again. Forgotten I thought. Blown with the wind I assumed.

It wasnt your fault for pestering an answer from me. It wasnt a big deal. At least now I know I had to let everything go to be able to really move on. to ignore.

♥4:53 PM

Monday, August 9, 2010

Short msg:

Finally watched the Carebears vs ZD in MUO on YouTube.

Honestly, I'm already missing the team.

I love playing with them all. Especially granpa who actually taught me so much.

Sigh. I need to gain what I've lost in myself quickly.


♥2:33 AM

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Short msg:

After months of hesitation, I finally decided.

I'm quitting. Simple because I've lost confidence in myself.

Perhaps there's more to it. Doesnt matter anyway.

♥3:39 AM

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Taylor's Ultimate Open

Taylor's Ultimate Open - TUO in short was held recently on the 17th July at Alice Smith International School, Seri Kembangan.

With 16 teams for the day it would seem to be a very promising day full of ultimate, or so I thought.

Due to the very last minute changes of date by the organizer many who was suppose to come (from sg) couldnt make it. Whats with the sudden changes in date huh? Not to mention there were no details given to teams until 2 days ahead. Many would deem to be heading there without knowing which teams you're up against.

I was in Carebears 2 - supposedly the stronger team in comparison to Carebears 1. As such we were seeded 1st ahead of the Singaporeans. With the 15 players max , 4:3 ratio , think we did pretty okay?

1st match we were up against Sate. We won without a doubt with the match acting us a warm up for us all. It was pretty okay. At least it did help boost our confident (:

2nd match against Oops from Nottingham was sweet. Initially they threw a zone on us and was quite proud that our team was patience with the passes to work the disc up field. Won the match with a clean sheet no doubt.

Then we played Chillies from Sri Cempaka. A fairly new team who had the undying spirit to just learn and have fun. They never cuss or frown when met with strong teams. Awesome spirit yo! We had to step up our game a little just incase we warmed down. I think I did tho =/

watching some other ongoing match

Lunch was really simple. Totally not justified for the RM25 that we all pay. Was hoping for a shirt or disc or just something. Only free water and ice throughout the day. Leaving everyone pondering what happen to all the money. 16teams x 15 players x RM25. you do the math.

Next up El Ninos. Have to say our defence was awesome. Totally shutting down their players. Not to mention our deep! Louis Wilson Darren. thumbs up guys! Winning the El Ninos to get ourself into Semi's.

Playing Lions in Semi-finals should have been easy, since we know fairly well how do they play. However, we screwed up alot of throws and made wrong judgements too. I know I should have defended that disc to pull up our score, to give us more hope. Sorry team. ): They were the better team that day.

Going down to Lions meaning facing Satu Lagi Naans for 3rd 4th playoff.

We won this match by 3points (: Giving us 3rd placing for this tourney.

Lions and XLB meet in the Finals for an hour long to determined the winner. Lions were actually neck to neck with XLB, till they decided to step up the game. XLB won the game with a 3 or 4 point lead. Kudoz Lions!

Congratulations XLB on taking 1st , Lions in 2nd, Carebears2 in 3rd placing and Satu Lagi Naan in 4th.

It was fun playing with Carebears2 (even tho some are in a different team etc), I love my team mates! (:

Carebears 1 and 2 (:

It wasnt as satisfying as I wish it would be. Too short game times. Only 30mins ): Legs werent aching as much as it should have been only proving that I did not run hard enough. Tho shoulders were aching. lol.

More tourney please (:

♥11:27 PM

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Short msg:

So, World Cup 2010 has finally come to an end with Spain being the champion.

Bit sad that Germany didnt manage to get into finals ): Even more sad that Miroslav Klose due to injury had to sit out for 3rd-4th place off. In other words, he wont be able to top Ronaldo's 15 World Cup goal. Sigh~ its okay. Still love him (:

Classes has officially started. Its an all new feeling for me (: Hope I can last through this semester.

TUO coming up this Saturday and I'm sick. Need to cure it before TUO or I wont be able to perform at all. Then I'll be dam pissed at self again.

Yew eng just left for Australia. Sure going to miss having him around. I hate departures. There's still another one more. The feeling is just really really emotional. Meh.

Jodie dear had her birthday celebration at Mizi Shabu Shabu 2 days ago. Food was so-so but the ambience was nice (: Best of all is us all being togather. I've miss all of us hanging out togather. :D

Anyway, I'll post pictures up as soon as I get my hands on them (:

♥1:31 AM

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Short msg:

I'm still pretty annoyed with every girl who takes a sudden interest in Miroslav Klose.


Thats because all this while he was a nobody in your eye. Then he scored twice against Argentina and did his famous Slato-flip. All the girls just suddenly I love you Miroslav Klose, bla bla bla.

Like seriously you didn't even realise his existence till he had to scored 4 times during this world cup? Its just plain upsetting!

No. I aint like all this people.

Since 2002 my first time watching World Cup, I've been a hard core Germany fan and Miroslav Klose was love at first sight. lol! Young, talented, good looking, awesome striker? (:

So its going to get on my nerves till World Cup ends and everyone is done having sudden interest. boo!

ps: classes starting tomorrow. having mix feeling. =/

♥10:43 PM

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